Italian Emerges As Favourite To Manage Inter Milan

New manager of Inter Milan

It has emerged that a managerial newcomer is now the favourite to become the next manager of Italian club Internazionale. Interviews have already taken place between the club and Alessandro Fargutti, the previously unknown manager of lower league club FC Offa. Inter’s owners are said to have been impressed by Fargutti’s presentation which lasted 45 minute and three bottles of the 2008 Pesquera Crianza at £17 a bottle. Afterwards, Fargutti serenaded members of the Inter board with a medley of tunes from Cats before striking himself repeatedly in the testicles with the empties to the tune of the Lone Ranger.

‘He has everything we want in our next manager,’ said club president Massimo Moratti, ‘such as enthusiasm, determination, and a willingness to sign a three month contract’.

Despite a mysteriously empty CV, the youthful Fargutti is said to employ radical training methods such as conducting sessions in English and addressing players as ‘oy you, sonny’. Inter Milan’s fans will hope that he can translate his ambitions into trophies by the end of the season and before being driven away from the stadium, reporters quizzed Fargutti about his imminent appointment. ‘I’ll be happy the moment people forget the name Mancini around here,’ he said. ‘I’ll teach that bugger to upset the status quo.’

Brave Hernandez Resumes Training

Javier Hernandez resumes training after horror injury

First it was concussion and then a bruised shin but Manchester United’s striker Javier Hernandez is not one to allow career threatening injuries to stop him from competing in the game he loves. Just days after succumbing to Ashley Cole’s lethal flying tackle (studs raised, teeth bared, open scissors in back pocket), Hernandez has defied medical science and was this morning back on the pitch at United’s Carrington training ground. Showing no signs of the horrific injury now covered by a band aid, Hernandez is slowly learning to walk again under the expert care of nurse Ms. Vikki Schist (36 23 35).

Hernandez’s injury is thought to be the worst seen in the English game since Tom Cleverley didn’t break his foot two weeks ago.

‘It will be tough for the lad but he’s a fighter,’ admitted Sir Alex Ferguson during Wednesday’s press conference. ‘We might be able to get him on in the second half playing with crutches and assistance from hired help but you expect that. Even the most cynical of us admits that prosthetic limbs are now part of the modern game and if that’s what it takes to get twenty three legs out on the pitch then we’re happy to do just that.’

Hernandez is more circumspect. ‘I pray to the Madonna every night,’ he admitted (in Spanish), ‘so that when I do succumb to the next horror tackle, I might fall on the kind of soft and yielding grass only found in penalty boxes.’ Asked what his dreams of doing once he recovers his mobility, Hernandez said ‘I dream of falling over in penalty boxes’.

One thing is for certain: he intends to be available for selection at the weekend should Sir Alex need somebody to perform a front somersault whilst grabbing his ankle and crying (in Spanish) ‘¡Aiee! It’s broken! It’s broken! I’ll never perform the Mexican hat dance again!’

Long may your castanets click, my friend. Long may they click…